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Call us first before you trade in your Lexus, Acura, Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, Infinity, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler or BMW because, we pay more cash for your car.

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Have you been struggling to sell your car? If so, we can help. At Cash for Cars in San Francisco, we buy any car or truck, from any make or model. We're a California company that's been around for 30 years, and we handle all DMV paperwork and release of liability so that you can get on with your life!

Are you ready to sell your car?

We buy any car or truck, no matter what the condition, and we'll handle all DMV paperwork and release of liability. All it takes is a phone call to Cash for Cars in San Francisco 628-245-2440 and we'll come pick up your vehicle at your convenience.

If you've got a car or truck that's just been sitting in your driveway, you need to cash in. We buy any car or truck and handle all CA DMV paperwork. Less stress No hassle, Cash for Car today!


We've been in business for 30 years, so when it comes to buying and selling cars, we've seen it all. We're here in San Francisco and we know this city inside and out. If you have questions about what kind of car would be best for your family or about how much money you should expect for yours, call us now 628-245-2440 we'll be happy to help!

So if you're tired of making payments on something that's just not worth it, reach out and give us a call today!

If you're like most people, you have a car or truck sitting in your driveway that is taking up space and not doing much of anything. It needs to be registered, insured, and maintained—and it costs money to do all of those things. We know how it goes: You bought that car for a reason, but now it's just taking up space. And if you live in a city like San Francisco, where parking spaces are at a premium, that can be really frustrating!

We're here to help. We buy any car or truck, no matter what condition it's in. We pay cash on the spot and handle all DMV paperwork so that you don't need to worry about anything other than getting rid of your junker. We've been in business for 30 years and have hundreds of satisfied customers who swear by our services—which means you can trust us when we say we'll give you an honest price for your vehicle.

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We transport your car, truck or SUV for FREE with our fleet of shiny new flatbed tow vehicles!

Cash For Cars San Francisco premium Flatbed Tow Truck
"All That and FREE Towing!"
How To Sell Your Car Fast in San Francisco
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We Buy Cars Trucks Vans and SUVs

We Pay Highest Price for 2006 and Later Used Cars

we pay highest price for BMW

Save time and money, call us first! Other Cash for Car companies say they pay the most BUT we DO pay TOP DOLLAR for quality late models used cars in San Francisco. We also buy cars, trucks and SUVs any year make and model paid for or not, and running or not (on a case by case basis).


We Pay The Highest Price For Your Used Car Truck Or SUV

Serving All San Francisco and Marin County County


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title to vehicle or vessel California Department Of Motor Vehicles DMV

We Handle All DMV For You

We Make Selling Your Car Easy, Safe and Fast

We are expert car buyers with over 20 years experience in the Southern California market and we have quite a few stories to tell. The best one is how our company has grown to be the most professional and courteous car buying service California has ever seen. Our loyal customer base has been with us for decades.

Over the years our company has grown in many ways to better serve you and to be the best complete car selling or car buying experience. That includes our in-house DMV department. Our professional and courteous staff will handle all the DMV filing and assist in filling out paperwork for lost documents like a missing title to your car. You can rest assured knowing your liability in the vehicle has been released and that you won't have to worry about some unknown stranger driving around in a car that's still registered in your name exposing you to great risk of liability. When you sell your car to us, you eliminate that risk completely.

That's just one of the many ways makes selling you car easy, safe and fast.

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We Pay The Most Cash for Cars in San Francisco!

We Pay highest Price for 2006 and Later Used Cars

Any Year Make or Model


We also buy Classic Cars

1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring in Gold

We Buy Classic Cars and Special Interest Cars

Call us today and get free and fair appraisal for your Classic, Vintage, Antique or special interest car, truck or SUV. Let the automotive experts at give you an accurate, professional appraisal of what your old car is worth. When we agree on a price, we pay you on the spot and tow away free, whether the vehicle is running or not, registered or not. We will handle all DMV paperwork so you can rest easy knowing your liability in the car is released when concluding an easy, safe and fast transaction with cash for cars in San Francisco today!

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"We Buy Cars Trucks and SUVs in San Francisco like this Toyota Tundra!"